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LTBP InfoBridge

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An “Introduction to InfoBridge” video will be developed to provide a quick overview. The “About” button for each Tab provides a general explanation of its function.

National Bridge Inventory (NBI) and National Bridge Element (NBE) data for highway bridges are available. Climate and Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) data are also provided.

NBI, NBE, and Climate data are updated once a year. Updates of LTBP data will be provided on an on-going basis.

New users can start exploring the “Data” module on the home page by selecting filter criteria through the “Find Bridges” option provided on the left-hand side. Once a bridge selection is made, click the “Show Bridges” button to display the list of the selected bridges. Then, start exploring …

Selecting bridges can be accomplished through using filters or through a graphical interface. Filters criteria are set through “Find Bridges” or “Advanced Find”. The “Find Bridges” feature allows the user to filter data using common criteria. If the criteria do not meet the user’s needs, the “Advanced Find” feature provides additional attributes for each data set, so users can customize filters in much greater details. The “Map Find” feature provides the user the ability to graphically select bridges on the map by drawing geometrical shapes that include or exclude desired bridges.

By using “Save Criteria” under the “Options” menu, the user can save the filters for future use.

“Map Find” complements “Find Bridges” by providing the additional functionality of graphically selecting bridges on the map

Click the symbol to the right of the bridge count. 

An “Export” function is provided under the “Options” menu.

NBI/NBE and Climate Data

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Bridge conditions are determined in accordance with 23 CFR 490.409

InfoBridge uses the climate data from Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis for Research and Applications, Version 2 (MERRA-2) which is provided by NASA.


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Please contact the LTBP Customer Support Service Center:

Phone: (202) 493-3035